La Ruta del Bakalao. Museo del Remember (1985-2012)

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La Ruta del Bakalao - Museo del Remember (1985-2012)

This publication sets out, through the collection of flyers and merchandise from Rubén Hernández’s Museo del Remember, the story of a cultural and music movement that took place in and around dance clubs in the Valencian Community from the early 80s to the late 90s. 

Without any conclusive or historiographical pretensions, we attempt to approach with affection the oral history of a phenomenon whose origins are little known and whose end has frequently been reviled.  This attempt to reclaim a memory based on collective sensations and recollections is complemented with some images from the personal files of Susana Oliva. 

A project by Vista Oral and Rubén Fernández, with photographs by Susana Oliva. Edited by Colpa Press. Translation by Stephen Shull. Copyediting by Will Bostwick.

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