La Ruta 1987-1990

Susana Oliva's photographic archive

Presentation: Terranova+Vista Oral+Ojos de Buey, 5th of July, 2024 at 19h in. Librería Terranova

Accessing someone’s personal archive is an act of trust and generosity. This was the case with Susana Oliva, who allowed us to explore the albums she has kept for over thirty years, filled with photos from her time on La Ruta between 1987 and 1990. This collection of images offers a unique narrative of that often misunderstood era, presenting a collective story of memories devoid of nostalgia. The photographs capture the essence of “going out” and immortalize intimate moments that were never meant to be shown. They reflect the authenticity of fun and camaraderie during those years in the outskirts of Valencia, highlighting dances, laughter, and shared moments both in nightclubs and parking lots.

This book is a tribute to the desire for freedom and camaraderie among a group of young people, a reminder of the right to unproductivity and the capacity for wild and fun insubordination that can spontaneously arise by taking advantage of the system’s loopholes.

Published by Ojos de Buey and Terranova
Edited by Vista Oral
Designed by Albert Pérez

Available on Ojos de Buey y Terranova