Los Cinco Delfines Publishing House

Cagadas is a Vista Oral publication edited by Cinco Delfines. It focuses on a compilation of our failures –if they can be defined in that way– It collects dossiers rejected through official calls, everything that did not take place, but which even in that absence, was thought, imagined and conceived from an objectuality that never came to be displayed.

It is nothing more than an editorial archive of projects never completed, of successes that could not be achieved. An attempt to fix and retain them, not to abandon what could not be, which in their absence, we are capable of missing, not because of a taste for the nothing, but because of the curiosity aroused by that which is denied to us.

FIRST EDITION OUT OF PRINTPRESENTATION:INCLASIFICABLES. Biblioteca pública Casa de las Conchas. Sábado 28 de septiembre, 2019, 19:30h. Calle de la Compañía, 2, 37002 Salamanca.