The book – Useless #2: Enric Farrés Duran. Paper playing a part

Editorial Folleto

The publication USELESS#2: ENRIC FARRÉS DURAN. PAPER PLAYING A PART is one of the results of Enric Farrés and Vista Oral trip to Los Angeles during April 2017. The publication –along with the exhibition that formed part of– is another turn of the screw to Los papeles del Siglo project.

When it seemed that the project had not turning back, that the possibilities of mutation and analysis had been exhausted in the act of annihilation, Enric poses a reconstruction of the facts; the events under which the documents were produced, the papers collected by him for years. In this reconstruction, an ideal visitor is appealed. Someone who actively understands the roles as instructions —more or less cryptic— to which he has to make a series of crucial decisions.

The performativity of the archive, its ability to mutate and to be activated; its transformation from paper to ‘.jpg’, from analog to digital —concepts that are constantly pointed out by the most recent paradigms of the archivist practice— are carried to their maximum consequences in the new manifestations of the project that were set out at the performative presentation at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) and in the exhibition space 56x45x25, in collaboration with Vista Oral.

This publication —the second one published by Folleto— acts as a surprise envelope and keeps playing —as well as the exhibition Paper Playing a Part— with expectation. The publication, designed by  Eloi Gimeno, collects Enric’s story through Vista Oral writing filter. It dismantles and return it to its origin place: the books.



Fundación Antoni Tàpies. Library. Thursday, 5th October, 2017, 6.30 PM, Aragó 255
08007 Barcelona.

SMOKE BREAK. Saturday, 22rd April, 2017,  2:45PM , Club Pro Los Angeles, 1525 S Main St, Los Ángeles 90015