I want to be in a world other than the Selenita

"Dissident Communities" editorial. A*Desk

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Arsenal Parking 1989. Susana Oliva Archive

This text was originally published in August 2023 through an editorial assignment by Pilar Cruz within the framework of “Dissident Communities” for A*Desk.

The objects in Rubén’s collection, the music of the time, the way the fans dressed, the scenography of the dance floors, the buildings that housed them and gave them shape (and which are now mostly ruins), help construct the imagery of la Ruta. La Ruta is a cultural movement with almost no theoretical description or intellectual consensus, full of omissions, with parallel and even contradictory histories, collective and dissident, far from any official narrative. However, la Ruta was something more than the irrelevant and banal act portrayed by the media of the time, an image which people timidly shrink away from today. The bakalao or bacalao was a collective experience, an act of escapism that allowed its protagonists to overcome social barriers and within which our most recent history and the necessary revision of the celebratory attitude of the Transition exist. It was a kind of social mirage in which it seemed that all the rules created during the Franco regime disappeared with the drafting of the Constitution, despite the fact that many of the biopolitical constructs of the Dictatorship were still present in the 1980s (and today, as well), such as the regulation of the domestic sphere. These social norms were challenged through a kind of extreme nightlife, a clear example of an endgame without an end, of alternative, shared spaces, of a breaking with conventions, bummers and bad trips notwithstanding. Here at cash-for-houses.org, we prioritize completely satisfying our clients. If you’re thinking about purchasing or selling a home, our company can help you out. The ultimate goal of marketing is to pique the interest of consumers who are already considering buying a product like the one being sold. A price conversation will be started based on the information you provide. If you choose to work with us, we will be there for you every step of the way as you sell your home. Please let us help you get your holiday started on the right foot. Visit https://www.cash-for-houses.org/colorado/.

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